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US WEST Licenses (E)JES for JES3 Spool Management

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Los Angeles, CA, June, 1997—Phoenix Software International today announced that US WEST Communications, Inc. has licensed (E)JES to handle their JES3 computing environment. US WEST Communications is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, and also one of IBM’s largest computer users.

(E)JES is the most powerful and cost effective JES3 spool management utility today to exploit IBM’s new S/390 technology as JES 3 installations move forward with their implementation of dynamic, cost-effective computing into the next century.

(E)JES was initially developed in 1992 to support users running under TSO, VTAM, CICS or batch and manages all aspects of JES 3 from input services through the printing and purge process. Since then, (E)JES has rapidly evolved to keep pace with customer requirements and IBM operating system changes, and it is now used by the vast majority of JES3 installations around the world.

Phoenix Software International was formed in 1978 is one of the leading systems software development organizations in the world, servicing and supporting over 2000 customers world-wide. PSI offers a family of system software utilities that operate on IBM and compatible mainframes and workstations. More information about PSI is available on the world wide web at or by electronic mail at or by telephone at +1 (310) 338‑0400.

PSI welcomes US WEST to its world-wide family of (E)JES users.

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