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(E)JES Release 2.3.0—Exploiting OS/390 Release 3

Los Angeles, CA, June 1997—(E)JES, the most powerful and cost effective JES3 spool management utility available today continues its leadership role in JES3 spool management by announcing full support and exploitation of IBM’s most advanced operating system enhancements available today, OS/390 R3!

The newest display enhancements include:

Hold Queue: Overtype of Process Mode, FCB, UCS, Flash, Copymod, Stacker, CHARs and Output Bin in OS/390 environment. New internal security keywords for each column and new SAF resources for each column,

Writer Queue: Supporting overtypes of Sysout Class and Process Mode. New line commands and support to requeue to Hold functions.

BDT Queue: New Displays for Group and Data Set displays. Shows NJE jobs and sysout.

ISPF: New book command for cursor-driven invocation of BookManager READ/MVS. Selection windows are now true ISPF pop-ups and ISPF invocation in BATCH now supported.

Operations Log: Support for all 128 routing codes, LOGDEF command for Operlog or Syslog display, Action Message now includes system name (very helpful in big sysplex).

Printer/Punch: Extended overtype support, New columns (Device-group-only flag and Copymark).

Enhanced Selection Window: Shared Disposition for DASD extract to PDS(E). Additional Usability enhancements, Batch enhancements, Extract Post-Processor package.

Performance improvements on the global sysout collection algorithm.

Security enhancements for public sysout classes, SAF resources for existing attributes, Sysout security roll-up and other improvements for MDS information and dynamic SAF trace facility.

Supplementary code pages for language support, licensing improvements and various administrator enhancements.

Documentation now provided in BookManager softcopy included on installation tape.

(E)JES is the standard in JES 3 spool management throughout the world. (E)JES has replaced every known system developed to address JES3 spool management and itself has never been replaced.

(E)JES is the only product developed with the user in mind. Find out more about (E)JES and other Phoenix Software International software products by visiting our homepage at or contacting PSI at the numbers below:

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