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(E)JES Exploits S/390 Environment

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Los Angeles, CA, May 1997—(E)JES, the standard JES 3 spool management tool utilized by over 90% of the JES 3 community is fully supporting IBM’s CMOS Technology.

Users are becoming more and more aware that when vendors indicate their products “support” the new S/390 technology, support can mean different things.

IBM differentiates support between “tolerates” and “exploits”. Tolerates means it will at least run in the environment, however the new operating system features will not be supported. Exploits indicates that the product fully supports the newest enhancements.

(E)JES exploits the S/390 environment!

(E)JES operates in all S/390 environments such as TSO, VTAM, CICS, and batch.

(E)JES continues to maintain its high level of security both internally and via SAF interfaces to the most popular security packages (RACF, ACF2, & Top Secret) and services its workstation client (E)JES/2.

(E)JES is the most advanced and cost effective JES 3 spool management utility available and used around the world. For information on (E)JES please contact:

Kevin M. Keyes
Director of International Operations
Phoenix Software International
5200 West Century Blvd. Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: +1 (310) 338‑0400 Ext: 310
Facsimile: +1 (310) 338‑0801

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