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(E)JES/2—Software Developer’s Best Friend

Los Angeles, CA—Phoenix Software International’s (E)JES/2 product has fast become software developers' best friend and a “tool they cannot live without”!

As software developers encounter problems in programs they are developing, they need access to three tools to assist them in correcting their problems.

They need to access the assembly list, link map, and dump. Traditionally, they would have to look at each of these displays one at a time. Programmers would open each display, review the information, and finally close the display to move to the next display and repeat the process again.

With (E)JES/2, they can open up any number of windows and simultaneously view all three displays concurrently with their work. This means programmers can solve their problems more effectively and efficiently then ever before.

(E)JES/2 also seamlessly integrates the function of IBM’s ISPF Client/Server product to provide a complete workstation development environment. All the power of ISPF is available without a traditional TSO address space.

(E)JES is a workplace shell compliant software product jointly developed between Phoenix Software International and IBM’s SDSF development team to fully exploit IBM JES 2 SDSF from a workstation. (E)JES/2 requires no emulators and directly communicates with SDSF running either on multiple hosts or sysplexes throughout your entire computer environment.

For additional information on (E)JES/2, please contact:

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Director of International Operations
Phoenix Software International
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