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Introducing (E)JES/2 Version 2, Now Available for Windows Operating Systems

(E)JES/2, now available for Windows, is a client/server, object-oriented user interface for managing OS/390 JES2 and JES3 systems from a personal computer. Communicating directly with IBM’s SDSF for JES2 and our own (E)JES® product for JES3, (E)JES/2 takes robust functionality, previously available only to 3270 users, and integrates it with powerful, easy-to-use, standard workstation interfaces, creating a best-of-both-worlds solution.

  • Learn more about using (E)JES/2 to manage JES3 environments
  • Learn more about using (E)JES/2 to manage JES2 environments
  • Download (E)JES/2

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