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COLS80 Command for CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON Now Available

The COLS80 command is now available for CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON releases 19.0 (VSE) and 12.0 (MVS). Display fonts in the wide screen are smaller and more difficult to read than the font used for a 24 x 80 screen. The COLS80 command is a toggle that disables wide screen support for those screens that do not exploit more than 80 columns. This feature is in response to the many model 5 terminal users who prefer to see a larger font when only 80 columns are being used. The COLS80 command is implemented as zap number 923 on our FTP site. Download files M1200923.zap (MVS) and D1900923.zap (VSE). Due to the large size of this patch, it is also available as a REXX program. See files M120xxxx.rex (MVS) and D190xxxx.rex (VSE).

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