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Phoenix Software International Acquires Viking Software Services

Phoenix Software International, Inc. (PSI) signed an agreement for the acquisition by PSI of nearly all of the assets of Viking Software Services, a well-known data entry software specialist. PSI will operate a new division, Viking Software Solutions, out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Phoenix Software International is pleased with the acquisition of Viking Software Services,” said Fred Hoschett, President of PSI. “It has been our goal to provide support for data entry on all of the major platforms. We currently have data entry products running under OS/390, VSE/ESA, VM/ESA, PC/DOS and all of the Windows operating systems. This acquisition adds two more platforms to our inventory, VAX/VMS and UNIX, and provides a host of new functionality to the Windows environment. The transition is destined to be a smooth one for Viking’s customers, since Viking’s staff will be staying on at the same location and in their current roles.”

John R. Haley, President and CEO of Viking Software Services, said, “Viking Software Services was founded on the philosophy of producing a quality product and providing incomparable technical support. Before entering into negotiations with Phoenix Software International, I first had to satisfy myself that Phoenix shares our values and will maintain the quality that our customers have grown to expect from us. I am personally excited to be part of this new enterprise that will become the preeminent data entry software company in the world.”

Viking Software ( has been developing and marketing data entry-related software since 1980. With an emphasis on unexcelled customer support, Viking has generated a loyal client base, encompassing both government and business enterprises ... large and small ... local and worldwide.

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