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CONDOR 19.2 has Shipped; CYGNET and FALCON 19.2 are Available by Request

The latest releases of CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON (version 19.2 for VSE) are ready. The following features are new to 19.2:

  • An enhanced RJE FETCH command for VSE/POWER (VSE/ESA 1.0 and up) is easier to use and has added functionality.
  • A new security protocol option controls all aspects of the VSE/POWER (VSE/ESA 1.0 and up) RJE interface.
  • The OLPS transaction now supports read-only access to ICCF libraries.
  • A new PROFID parameter reduces the number of security profiles by letting multiple users share a profile.
  • SHUTDOWN, VARY, FORCE, and SEND commands may now be entered into the system from a console or batch job.

Some major enhancement to CONDOR from recent releases include a REXX language processor, ACF support and the optional CONDOR/FTP server.

CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON version 12.2 for OS/390 will be ready in mid-September.

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