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(E)JES Version 4, Release 1.0 Available!

(E)JES V4R1.0 is now generally available. With this release, (E)JES is now a JES-neutral product! Most of the JES3-oriented displays from (E)JES version 3 now have JES2 counterparts and some new JES2-specific displays were introduced. This release addresses numerous user requirements received over the past 14 years, especially from large installations with mixed environments.

(E)JES customers with both JES2 and JES3 will benefit from a single, unified and standardized interface with a common look and feel. Now all users in the enterprise can leverage advantages, including:

  • Advanced user interfaces for basic capabilities such as search, scroll, filter, sort, extract, etc.
  • Job and output post processors like email, ftp, TSO/E transmit, etc.
  • Multiple on-line execution environments.
  • Robust batch scripting.
  • Multi-layered, value-based security.
  • Efficient multisystem data gathering.

Other enhancements, such as improved sorting heuristics, automatic code page sensing, a system command history, and support for extremely large JES3 job queues round out this first (E)JES Version 4 release.

(E)JES V4R1.0 is available through electronic delivery. See the (E)JES product web page for details about (E)JES and a link to instructions for downloading the new release.

The introduction of (E)JES V4R1.0 also marks the beginning of the “countdown” toward functional stabilization for (E)JES V3R5.0. For current (E)JES release status and operating system support information, refer to the (E)JES product web page.

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