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Key/101 Version 7.2 Available!

Phoenix Software International is pleased to announce the early release of Key/101 Version 7.2. We have concluded that the significant improvements in this version, most notably the conversion to 31-bit technology, warranted an early release.

The Key/101 system is now 31-bit. All versions of the Key/101 product (except SAO) have been upgraded to support RMODE ANY execution; and all non-batch Key/101 components have been converted to 31-bit applications. Additionally, 24-bit storage has been reduced to approximately 10K for each concurrently signed-on Key/101 user.

All service (fixes) as documented on the Phoenix Software FTP site through release 7.1, has been incorporated into release 7.2.

The new Key/101 release (including the documentation) is now available for download from our product support FTP site. Key/101 customers can use their existing User-Id and password to download release 7.2.

See the KEY/101 7.2 list of enhancements.

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