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CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON Release 16.1 for MVS Available Online

The latest releases of MVS CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON are currently ready and available to our customers. The Release 16.1 changes are the result of valued customer feedback and suggestions received while using Release 16.0. Some of the improvements include:

  • Release 16.1 of FALCON is certified to run on releases of IBM’s operating systems beginning with OS/390 VRM 1.2.0 through z/OS VRM 1.6.0
  • The FALCON system now supports terminal sizes that have 24 to 204 rows and 80 to 255 columns provided that rows times columns is less than or equal to 16,384. In addition, Falcon now supports default screen sizes that are other than the traditional 24 x 80 buffer size (a.k.a. Model-2).
  • A new Force DeFauLT terminal size command, FDFLT, has been provided to disable the alternate screen size of the terminal. The effects of this command will remain in place until a new session is initiated or the RESET command is used.

We are now making our MVS products downloadable from our web site. To begin the process, you will need your customer number and a valid CPUID in order to fill out our software request form completely. Once the form is filled out and submitted, you will be given access to the software for downloading and installation. The last step involves receiving a decryption code via email to unlock the software.

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