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Falcon32 Version 7.5w Now Available!

Phoenix Software International is pleased to announce the release of Falcon32 Version 7.5w. Listed below are some of Falcon32’s new features and enhancements.

  • Certification for Windows 2003 and terminal server running under Windows 2003.
  • Imaging Add-on Enhancements:
    • Scroller and Mover dialog—The IS data entry command displays the Scroller and Mover dialog. The Scroller and Mover dialog allows mouseless manipulation of the Key Scan dialog, including scrolling, zooming, moving, and resizing.
    • Open Multiple Image Files dialog—The Open Multiple Image Files dialog allows you to create a list of images (single or multipage) that will be used sequentially or as a set of virtual documents during data entry. You can switch between the Open an Image File dialog and Open Multiple Image File dialog using the Alternate Open button. Falcon32 remembers which image open dialog you last used. New data entry commands allow you to page through image files or virtual documents.
    • Rubberbanding—Falcon32 now allows rubberbanding (drawing temporary character recognition zones) on images to allow the capture of large amounts of arbitrary information from images. The Rubberband Configuration dialog allows you to configure rubberbanding behavior. The Recognition Review dialog, displayed after recognizing rubberbanding data, indicates questionable data and allows you to correct it.
  • The Falcon32 About Box now displays operating system information.

The new Falcon32 release (including the documentation) is now available for download. Falcon32 customers can use their existing User-Id and password to download release 7.5w. New customers will need to obtain a user ID and password.

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