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(E)JES Version 4, Release 2.0 Available!

Phoenix Software International is pleased to announce the release of (E)JES Version 4, Release 2.0. Highlights:

  • A robust interface to the new IBM Health Checker for z/OS.
  • Support for spool data sets larger than 64K tracks.
  • Support for NJE over TCP/IP in z/OS 1.7.
  • A new JCL browser that improves JCL editing performance by an order of magnitude.
  • Enhanced security, including parameterized policy definition and extended profile matching capabilities.
  • Significant performance improvements for JES2 users browsing spool data sets and syslog.
  • User interface enhancements such as point-and-shoot selection, context-sensitive pop-up help for all tabular columns, three new kinds of filtering, and much more...
  • (E)JES V4R2.0 is available through electronic delivery. See the (E)JES product web page for details about (E)JES and a link to instructions for downloading the new release.

For current (E)JES release status and operating system support information, see the (E)JES product web page.

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