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CONDOR, CYGNET, FALCON 22.2 for VSE/ESA Available for Download

The latest releases of VSE/ESA CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON are ready and available to our customers. Release 22.2 changes are the result of valuable customer feedback and suggestions. Some of the enhancements include:

  • All paged reports are now displayed with four-digit page numbers, increasing the upper page number limit to 8,000.
  • A GAFCOPY batch utility program copies or moves CONDOR files when copy programs provided by IBM cannot be used—for example, copying a file from or to a space-managed VSAM data set.
  • A COBOL editor sub-command compiles the source code in the edit queue currently being processed with the IBM VSE/ESA COBOL compiler, allowing test compiles.
  • The filtering algorithm was enhanced to support the asterisk (*) wildcard, which represents zero or more characters, as well as the percent sign.
  • A new CUSTOMER_OPTIONS startup parameter that more easily accommodates special customer requests. Customers simply activate special options by selecting them from a list.
  • A new optional APPLYTO= parameter for the OLPSLIST macro permits the exclusive assignment of any defined profile to specific functions in the product.
  • A JA option for the POWER RJE DISPLAY (D) command (issue “D JA” from the main panel of the RJE subsystem) selects and displays data from the Power Job Accounting file.

VSE/ESA products are available for downloaded from our web site. Be sure to have your customer number and a valid CPUID ready when you fill out the software request form. Upon submitting the form, you will able to download and install the software. When you receive a decryption code via email you can unlock the software.

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