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Mixed Case RACF Passwords in CONDOR, CYGNET, FALCON 16.2 for z/OS®

The latest releases of MVS CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON are ready and available to our customers. Release 16.2 changes are the result of valuable customer feedback and suggestions. Some of the enhancements include:

  • This version supports the new MIXEDCASE password option of RACF (a new feature of z/OS 1.7)
  • All paged reports are now displayed with four-digit page numbers, increasing the upper page number limit to 8,000.
  • The filtering algorithm was enhanced to support the asterisk (*) wildcard, which represents zero or more characters, as well as the percent sign.
  • A new CUSTOMER_OPTIONS startup parameter that more easily accommodates special customer requests. Customers simply activate special options by selecting them from a list.
  • A new optional APPLYTO= parameter for the OLPSLIST macro permits the exclusive assignment of any defined profile to specific functions in the product.

z/OS products are available for downloaded from our web site. Be sure to have your customer number and a valid CPUID ready when you fill out the software request form. Upon submitting the form, you will able to download and install the software. When you receive a decryption code via email you can unlock the software.

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