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(E)JES Version 4, Release 3.0 Enhances Overall Performance

Phoenix Software International is pleased to announce the release of (E)JES Version 4, Release 3.0.

This release marks the first phase of overall (E)JES performance enhancements in certain target areas. All programs now use instructions that are part of the immediate-and-relative-instruction facility in place of their non-immediate, non-relative counterparts whenever possible. A new linkage protocol handles heavily executed functions that don't require nested stacking, and re-sequenced instruction paths optimize processor pipeline use.

The Extract Post-processor Package interfaces have been enhanced to provide generalized support for non-job-oriented displays. You may now use various Extract Post-processors such as ISPF BROWSE or EDIT, XMIT, ftp, email, etc. to process the messages produced by a check shown on the Health Checker display.

“Fixed format” displays have been enhanced so that most can be scrolled vertically when the height of the display area does not accommodate all of the data (now called “fixed-width” displays). Most of the old fixed-format displays take advantage of this new feature—for example, the Options and Extract Parameters panels use a single, scrollable fixed-width presentation instead of multiple panels.

The JES2 Output Descriptors tabular display now uses the available JES2 SSI interface so that users may modify SWB-maintained output descriptor text units.

(E)JES V4 R3.0 is available through electronic delivery. See the (E)JES product web page for details about (E)JES and a link to instructions for downloading the new release.

For current (E)JES release status and operating system support information, see the (E)JES product web page.

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