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Falcon32 Now Includes Form Recognition

Phoenix Software International is pleased to announce the release of Falcon32 V7R6. Below are some of the new features and enhancements.

  • Form recognition—Falcon32 can identify a predefined string of characters on an image and display the corresponding data entry application and format.
  • Rubber-banding—Draw temporary character recognition zones on an image to capture large amounts of arbitrary information (such as a property description on a deed).
  • XML—The Batch menu now includes an XML extract option.
  • Prerecorded OCR—Record OCR on one workstation and play it back anytime on another (whether or not it has OCR capabilities). It is also faster than live OCR and can be automated.

The new Falcon32 release (including the documentation) is now available for download. Falcon32 customers can call Technical Support for the password for the V7R6 executable. New customers will need to apply for a user ID and password.

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