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(E)JES Version 4 Release 4.0 Supports NJE via TCP/IP in JES3

This release includes the following features:

Support for NJE via TCP/IP in JES3 Environments The BDT displays, used in earlier releases to manage output in the BDT queue, have been replaced with new NJE displays. Use these new displays to manage output in both the BDT and TCP queues. Other displays throughout the product have been updated with new literals, line commands, tabular columns, etc. in support of this enhancement.

Support for zIIP and zAAP processors The Activity display supports zIIP processors, including columns for zIIP utilization and CPU time. In addition, support for zAAP processors has been enhanced.

Resource Monitor The new Resource Monitor helps you monitor JES resources for the JESplex—specifically, to identify and correct resource shortages and view resource utilization history (JES2 only).

Performance improvements Performance improvements include dramatically reworked tabular display processing for faster response time, a new dynamic compilation process that replaces most System Environment Table accesses in the performance path, and better use of cache on modern processors.

Customizable numeric separators You can change separators to any values to conform with local usage—for example, to display 2.000,00 instead of 2,000.00—as well as establish default formatting characters for new users.

More streamlined installation procedure The installation procedure now uses ISPF full-screen prompting in multiple executables, replacing REXX line mode prompting and YES or NO questions. In addition, EJESIEM1 is invoked directly from the SMP/E TLIB, so that the member used to customize your JCL is copied to the SEJESAMP and AEJESAMP libraries during APPLY and ACCEPT processing.

A new workstation component is also available with this release.

(E)JES is available through electronic delivery. See the (E)JES product web page for details about (E)JES and a link to instructions for downloading the new release.

For current (E)JES release status and operating system support information, see the (E)JES product web page.

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