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Improved Performance in VSE Version 23.0 and MVS 17.0

The latest releases of VSE/ESA CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON are ready and available to our customers. Release 23.0 (VSE/ESA)/17.0 (z/OS) changes are the result of valuable customer feedback and suggestions. Some of the enhancements include:

  • Improved performance—Performance has been improved across all three products. In addition, VSE/ESA customers who run the product with OS390 emulation active will see improved system integrity and recovery.
  • FTP Server—The FTP job submit can now be enabled or disabled by coding the LEVEL= parameter.
  • The new LOCATE editing command enhances edit queue searches. It includes multiple search arguments and the use of Boolean operators (AND/OR), which provide more robust searching options than the FIND command.
  • The new UNNUM editing command replaces all sequence numbers with blanks without affecting the audit trail of the member data, then completes its operation by turning off the NUMBER option.
  • The new CUT editing command moves text from a defined pointer area to the STAK.
  • The AUDIT command supports session history reporting.
  • VSE/ESA customers: The OLPS LIST, BROWSE and EDIT commands may be used to display, browse and edit (but not save) string format members in VSE libraries.
  • MVS customers: Support has been added for files with the DSNTYPE=LARGE attribute.

VSE/ESA and z/OS products are available for download from our web site. Be sure to have your customer number and a valid CPUID ready when you fill out the software request form. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with a decryption code and URL for the download.

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