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(E)JES V4R5.0 Exploits New zIIP Specialty Engines

This release includes the following features:

  • The new release of (E)JES exploits the new z9 Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) specialty engines available on IBM System z9 processors. (E)JES V4R5.0 is designed to qualify a significant portion of execution resources for redirection to zIIP processors. This enhancement results in a reduction of CPU resources and improved response times even if zIIPs are not available.
  • A new (E)JES application programming interface that supports both problem state and privileged callers, and includes functions execute an (E)JES command and update response structures. The API can be called from languages such as Assembler, COBOL, PL/I and C. It is also implemented for REXX.
  • (E)JES users can invoke ISPF VIEW or BROWSE mode from the (E)JES browser in ISPF environments.
  • Unlimited data sets can be concatenated via a dynamically sized data set list.
  • Security enhancements:
    • New profile keyword to protect all display line commands
    • Many IBM-defined SAF resources are checked when external security is activated.
  • Enhanced column display, including the following:
    • Column names are available to users on tabular utility dialogs, and may be used as operands of various primary commands
    • The new HIDECOLS and SHOWCOLS commands let you hide columns or display a specified subset of columns during a session.

See (E)JES SHARE update presentation for more information.

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