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Falcon64 Version 10: Enhanced APIs Write to Database

Version 10 Release 1 of Falcon64 comes with new API features and includes an optional OCR component.

Application Programming Interfaces

These interfaces let you code plug-ins in C or any of its derivatives. You can write to databases from both APIs. Plug-in examples are included in the product.

  • A new field-oriented interface lets you access and manipulate field data; example: store lookup table information in database tables and retrieve it during data entry. The interface works with images, OCR, and the built-in workflow management system.
  • The record-oriented interface includes enhancements that handle batch events; you can code events that run when a batch starts, exits or is extracted, and build database transactions which can be committed or rolled back.

Whether you create your own plug-ins in house or have them programmed for you, the results richly justify the time or money spent.

Optical Character Recognition

The Falcon64 optional OCR component speeds up the processing of paper documents. Key features:

  • Easily define zones: create recognition zones and associate them with one or many fields on a format.
  • Flexible data: add the data to specific fields or stream to a group, filling each field or moving to the next at a line break; collect data in columnar format; use multiple formats to capture data.
  • Automate OCR: set up an unmanned workstation that checks for scanned images, OCRs them and puts the results into data fields.

With these OCR functions you get fast, accurate results from scanned images, which translates into cost savings for any data entry operation. For more information, see Optical Character Recognition.

Falcon32 is now Falcon64

With the release of V10R1, Falcon32 is now Falcon64—compatible with both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems.

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