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Phoenix Software Releases Browser-Based Electronic Data Capture Product

Los Angeles, CA, January 9, 2013: Phoenix Software International today announced the release of Entrypoint i4, an innovative electronic data capture (EDC) software product. Users can connect to Entrypoint in the office or out in the field—the Entrypoint i4 WebClient is accessible anywhere via a browser. The Local Workstation and Application Studio run locally but are directly connected to the Entrypoint i4 Server—users can develop applications or enter data offline and sync up with the WebClient later.

Configuring Entrypoint i4 is effortless and application design and development is rapid—templates can be produced in days instead of weeks. This ease of use leads to a positive return on investment in less than a year. The software includes a complete audit trail for the life of each record, as well as the high level of security required for clinical trials.

Entrypoint i4 uses a standards-based cross-platform design that permits adding or changing functionality with relative ease. Because it is built on the Java Platform, server and client applications run on any operating system that supports the Java Runtime Environment. A Web Services API facilitates integration with third-party systems.

“We at Phoenix Software are dedicated to providing the latest technical advances and EDC innovations to support the vital services our customers deliver. This product is no exception,” said John Brayman, head of the Entrypoint i4 development team. “The Entrypoint line of software, introduced in 1981, was among the first products available for EDC. Entrypoint is the software of choice for clinical research organizations that have been using EDC since the advent of this technology.”

Phoenix Software International provides advanced software solutions to enterprises around the world. Phoenix designs applications for personal computers, local and wide area networks, the Web, and IBM and compatible mainframe platforms. These products are available for purchase or lease in the United States through its direct sales force or worldwide through a network of distributors. Phoenix Software has been developing software applications since 1979 and is a privately held corporation.

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