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Phoenix Software Announces Enhanced Cross-Platform Support for Electronic Data Capture Product

Los Angeles, June 20, 2013—Phoenix Software International today announced the release of Entrypoint i4 1.6, an update to its electronic data capture (EDC) software product. With this release, the Entrypoint i4 desktop programs (Application Studio, Workstation, and System Manager) are now available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit and Linux. The WebClient interface was updated this release as well for greater ease of use on mobile devices.

Other enhancements include:

  • Support for simultaneous batch editing by multiple users
  • PDF output of an application for printing paper forms
  • Better integration of key-from-image features
  • Ability to flag data at the record level

“Our goal with Entrypoint i4 has always been to bring the most advanced EDC technology to users at the point of entry wherever that may be. With this release, Entrypoint i4 desktop applications are now on every major platform and the WebClient is on every major browser,” said John Brayman, head of Entrypoint i4 development. “That means that users of nearly every desktop workstation and tablet can now enjoy the benefits of intelligent data capture.”

Entrypoint was originally developed in 1981 and is used by clinical research, government, insurance, software, and many other industries. Entrypoint was among the first products available for clinical research EDC.

Phoenix Software International provides advanced software solutions to enterprises around the world. Phoenix designs applications for personal computers, local and wide area networks, the Web, and IBM and compatible mainframe platforms. These products are available for purchase or lease in the United States through its direct sales force or worldwide through a network of distributors. Phoenix Software has been developing software applications since 1979 and is a privately held corporation.

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