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(E)JES V5R6 Now Available with New Displays, Interface Enhancements and (E)JES Web Functionality

(E)JES V5R6 is now generally available and features many interface enhancements, new displays and new information added to existing displays.

(E)JES Web also has a number of enhancements, most of which have been made available to (E)JES V5R4 and (E)JES V5R5 users through the service stream. Enhancements include metafilter support, highlighted text, intelligent column formatting and the ability to perform many actions using keyboard commands.

Customers can download (E)JES and generate a new license code using this download form. Customer credentials are required to use this form.

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Phoenix Software International, Inc., is a systems software development company providing advanced software applications to enterprises around the globe. The company offers a wide range of solutions to modern business challenges.

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