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z/OS® V2R4 Early Test Program Participating ISV Testimonials

Today, IBM published statements from independent software vendors (ISVs), including Phoenix Software International, who participated in the z/OS V2R4 Early Test Program. Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Software, made this statement in support of the operating system and more specifically z/OS Container Extensions (zCX):

“Suppose your z/OS-resident application wants to access a microservice that runs on Linux. Do you want the request to go off platform, across interfaces you don't necessarily trust, into systems whose performance characteristics you don't necessarily understand, and whose maintenance schedules and downtime philosophies might not align with yours? Or would you prefer bullet-proof, secure, z/OS performance and infrastructure behind that microservice so you know it will be there when you need it – guaranteed? I know what my answer is...”

This and all the z/OS V2R4 testimonials can be found on IBM’s website.

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