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Mainframe: Bridging the Divide with Zowe and Phoenix Software International

El Segundo, CA—6 August 2019: On August 3, 2019, Phoenix Software International joined the ranks of Zowe Conformant organizations. The Zowe open source framework, a development of the Open Mainframe Project, provides easier interoperability and scalability among mainframe products and solutions in order to bridge the gap between the mainframe and other systems within hybrid architectures. Additionally, the Open Mainframe Project, through Zowe and other initiatives, is striving to help onboard the next generation of mainframe users. Phoenix Software maintains a leadership role in helping address the z/OS skills gap by leveraging the latest technology and creating software solutions with a focus on interface modernization. Embracing Zowe represents a continuation of this strategy. Phoenix Software’s Zowe Conformant contributions include:

  • REST API providing access to (E)JES: The (E)JES REST API provides a standard RESTful web services interface to (E)JES. The full power of the traditional (E)JES API is available via the (E)JES REST API.
  • (E)JES plugin for Zowe CLI: The Zowe CLI plugin provides commands to access and search system logs via the (E)JES REST API services using the Windows command line.

“We have observed, throughout our 40 years in business, that approximately every decade or so a transformative technology comes along that greatly enhances the usability of our platform,” said Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer. “We believe Zowe is this decade’s transformative technology and it would be a mistake to not embrace it.”

Fred Hoschett, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Software, said, “The Phoenix Software development team has a passion for the mainframe and, as such, we welcome the opportunity to contribute our expertise and experience to endeavors that help our platform compete against alternatives and remain viable. We believe Zowe will do just that and we are very excited to be part of it.”

More information can be found about (E)JES Zowe Conformance here.

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