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Open Mainframe Project Continues Momentum with New Members, New Open Source Projects, and Additional Support for Diversity

Phoenix Software, Syncsort, Western University, and Zoss Team LLC join as new members; Zowe Conformance Program now accepting applications

OPEN SOURCE SUMMIT, SAN DIEGO, Calif. – August 20, 2019 – The Open Mainframe Project (OMP), an open source initiative that enables collaboration across the mainframe community to develop shared tool sets and resources, is announcing four new members: Phoenix Software, Syncsort, Western University, and Zoss Team LLC; three new projects: Feilong, zorow, and TerseDecompress; the Zowe Conformance program, and continued support for internships and diversity in the mainframe community.

“The Open Mainframe Project is a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and open source software on mainframes,” said John Mertic, Director of Program Management for the Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project. “We are increasing collaboration in the mainframe community, developing shared tool sets and resources and making mainframes, with their underlying compute power, more broadly available. Recent successes and continued international support show fantastic progress in these areas.”

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, the Open Mainframe Project is comprised of more than 30 business and academic organizations that collaborate on vendor-neutral open source project with the mission of building community and adoption of open source on the mainframe. The Open Mainframe Project strives to build an inclusive community through investment in open source projects and programs, career development, and events that provide opportunities for the mainframe community to collaborate and create sustainability.

Zowe Conformance Program launched to build a vendor-neutral ecosystem around Zowe

Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe turned one year old this month bringing excitement and energy to the global Zowe community with more than 712,000 pageviews and 4600 downloads. The project is ready to help members, incorporate it with new and existing products that will enable integration of mainframe applications and data across the enterprise. To ensure vendors are delivering offerings that align with the Zowe framework, Open Mainframe Project is launching a Zowe Conformance Program.

Each vendor can follow the Testing Guidelines to ensure their offering is aligned with the conformance standards developed by the Zowe community. Products achieving conformance will have exclusive logos and marks they can use in the promotion of their product, as well as be listed in the Zowe Conformance Directory. Vendors that have offerings that are a part of the initial launch include Broadcom, IBM, Phoenix Software, and Rocket Software.

You can learn more about Zowe Conformance Program at

A Growing Ecosystem

Four new members, Phoenix Software, Syncsort, Western University, and Zoss Team LLC, highlight the international reach and range of interest in supporting mainframe development across software consultants, vendors, and academia. If your organization is interested in joining the Open Mainframe Project, please see:

“It’s a match made in heaven,” said Donna Hudi, Chief Marketing Officer for Phoenix Software. “The Open Mainframe Project provides exciting opportunities through the open source model for the next generation of mainframers and Phoenix Software prides itself in taking a leadership role in helping to address the z/OS skills gap. Our focus on leveraging the latest technology, creating modern solutions, and sharing our overall enthusiasm for the platform will be further enhanced by the opportunity to share our depth of knowledge and experience throughout the Open Mainframe Project community.”

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