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Phoenix Software International Products and the Y2020 Bug

Phoenix Software International is aware that news has surfaced about software programs affected by what is being termed the “Y2020” bug. The bug stems from a process called “windowing” that some software programs implemented in an effort to avoid potential Y2K-related issues. The process of “windowing” interprets 00‑19 as 2000‑2019 and 20‑99 as 1920‑1999. Phoenix Software International ensures that the current versions of all of our products do not leverage windowing and can interpret dates from year 2020 and beyond without issue. We urge concerned customers to upgrade to the latest versions of their Phoenix Software products to ensure that they will not be vulnerable to any date-related problems.

Many of our products allow customers to write their own custom routines and applications. It is possible that these customizations may need adjustments to avoid Y2K and/or Y2020 bugs. Customers are responsible for maintaining and updating their own customizations. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

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