(E)JES Zowe Conformance

The Zowe open source framework, hosted by the Open Mainframe Project, provides for easier interoperability and scalability among mainframe products and solutions in order to bridge the gap between the mainframe and other systems within hybrid architectures. Learn more about Zowe on github. Phoenix Software now offers two Zowe conformant (E)JES components:


The Zowe API for (E)JES is based on REST principles and is compatible with the Zowe API Mediation Layer (APIML). The APIML is a gateway that provides a single point of access to heterogeneous services that might be located on different systems or locations.

Zowe Conformant - API Mediation Layer 2019

(E)JES Plug-in for Zowe CLI

The Zowe CLI provides a command called "zowe" that is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux systems, among others. The CLI supports the concept of "plug-ins", modules that can be incorporated into the CLI framework to extend the functionality of the basic "zowe" command. The CLI allows the plug-in to support a common syntax for command line directives, options and parameters. The (E)JES plug-in uses the API mentioned above to provide command line functions to stream or search the mainframe system logs. (Other functions coming soon.)

Zowe Conformant - CLI 2019

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